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Individual Coaching for Coaches, Athletes and Peak Performers

Why 1:1 Coaching?

If you're wanting to perform at your peak in  life using an integrative approach, our coaches can empower you, support you and challenge you. 

What is the First Step?

Schedule a complimentary chat with one of our experienced coaches to find out if coaching is the next step in your journey.

Why Engage A Coach?

Our Alpha Theta Coaches are here to help you identify your bottlenecks & break through self imposed limitations.


Personalised Alpha Theta Coaching is delivered in 6 x sessions cycles. The timeframe in which these sessions are completed is agreed upon by the individual and their Alpha Theta Coach.

Alpha Theta coaching is catered to each individual and developmental practices are provided and agreed upon at the end of each session. 

It is normal for individuals to complete two or more cycles with their Alpha Theta Coach.


Our Coaches


Dave Nixon

Alpha Theta Founder, Author, Presenter, Meta Coach, Alpha Theta Flow Podcast Host and Fitness Professional


Gina Clark

Meta Coach, NLP Practitioner, B. Coaching Science, Body & Beyond Podcast Host & Fitness Professional


Jamie Sangster

Certified Breathwork Coach, Presenter & Fitness Professional


Maigan Fowler

Presenter. B. Sport and Exercise Science & Fitness Professional


"After working in the health industry for 5 years, I was feeling overwhelmed, lost and unsatisfied. After taking the plunge to join the Alpha Theta coaching programs, I learnt about my own drivers/communication methods, and then started exploring the different personality types and communication methods of others.


These learnings gave me permission to see my roadblocks, and build valuable relationships with my clients which in turn spoke to their results. The only thing I regret is not reaching out to Dave earlier. He is with you every step of the way and you will surprise yourself with what you get out of a course like this when you apply yourself."

Melanie Kaye