Find Your Flow

We're the developmental coaching and education platform challenging the norm in the health and wellness space. With a focus on integrating both mental and physical practices, we'll get you performing at your peak.

What we do

We are committed to helping individuals, coaches and athletes strengthen the physical and mental connections to their flow state, helping them reach peak performance.

For Peak Performers

We help CEO’s, entrepreneurs and high performers alike perform at their peak in business and life through an integrative approach. We help individuals find the bottlenecks and keystones to their success.

For Coaches

We teach trainers and coaches the developmental and physical models to help both themselves and their clients achieve long term, conscious results that permeate all areas of life.

For Athletes

We work with athletes to identify the thinking patterns and physical practices like breath work and anchoring that allows them to continually perform at their best whenever it is required of them.


Coaches Coached

We've taught over 174 coaches our models and practises.


Minutes Recorded

Across 646 ​podcasts on physical and mental performance


Individuals Coached

Over 6000 individuals and athletes now performing at their peak.


If you are wanting to master something, then knowing about it cognitively isn't enough. To truely have knowledge we must move to embodiment.

Dave Nixon

Alpha Theta Founder

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The 5 minute daily podcast to set your mood and develop your inner game.



Weekly learnings on all things health, performance and develop-mental.


The Book

A book to buck the trend and help you reclaim your health wholisticly.