L1:  Functional Trainer
1.5 Day Weekend

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Our Level 1: Functional Trainer Course is 1.5 days packed with breathwork, physical training, cold exposure/ice baths, theory modules and much more. It is the first module in our Alpha Theta Trainer-Coach Pathway (ATTC).


This course is designed to offer deeper insights into how and why people move, communicate and respond the way they do and more importantly, how you as the coach can best understand your clients and influence as a leader. 


This level introduces models such as:


  • Understanding the nervous system

  • Communication and how we uniquely interpret our own reality

  • Using breath for power, endurance and relaxation


1.5 days


23-24 Sept 2022



Key Learnings

How to access our most resourceful state using our breath and awareness of our nervous system to show up in the moment and perform at our best

How to coach individuals using key learning strategies

How to regulate your nervous system (and coach others) using a variety of different practices 

How to coach individuals to build a deeper connection with their physical body


How is the seminar delivered?


How is the course delivered?

L1: Functional Trainer is held in-person over 1.5 days at Functional Fitness Australia, Mitchell ACT.

  • 1st Day: 1pm - 7pm with short breaks throughout

  • 2nd Day: 7.30am - 5.30pm with lunch and short breaks throughout

Can't make it to Canberra?

Reach out to arrange a date in your location.


Is it for you?

Pre-requisites: Working within the Fitness Industry or completion of Functional Fitness Level 2 Program


Reading (Recommended):

  • The Inner Game of Tennis - Timothy Gallwey

  • Minding yourSELF - Dave Nixon


This module can be a starting point for our ATTC pathway or attended as a stand alone unit.

Module Outline

Day One:

  • 1-2pm

    • Introduction

  • 2-3pm

    • Defining Coaching and Identifying Co-Dependant Patterns

  • 3-3.30pm

    • Breakout Discussions

  • 3.30-5pm

    • Breathing and our Nervous System 101

  • 5-5.30pm

    • Break

  • 5.30pm-7pm

    • Workout 1 - F.Y.F

Day Two:

  • 7.30am-8am

    • Framing and Expectations

  • 8-9pm

    • Workout 2 - Focused Flow

  • 9-10am

    • Breakfast

  • 10-11.30am

    • Beyond Cues - How to embody learning

  • 11.30am-1pm

    • Breath and Cold Exposure

  • 1-2pm

    • Lunch

  • 2pm-3pm

    • Primary Movement Focus

  • 3pm-4pm

    • Developing Kinaesthetic Intelligence

  • 4pm-5.30pm

    • Workout 3 - Fight, Flight or Freeze

  • 5.30pm

    • Course Wrap Up


Course Facilitators


Dave Nixon

Alpha Theta Founder, Owner Functional Fitness Australia, Author, Presenter, Meta Coach, NLP Practitioner and Alpha Theta Flow Podcast Host 


Gina Nixon

Meta Coach, NLP Practitioner, Owner Functional Fitness Australia, B. Coaching Science, Body & Beyond Podcast Host & Fitness Professional


Jamie Sangster

Certified Breathwork Coach, Presenter & Fitness Professional


Maigan Fowler

Presenter. B. Sport and Exercise Science & Fitness Professional


"After working in the health industry for 5 years, I was feeling overwhelmed, lost and unsatisfied. After taking the plunge to join the Alpha Theta coaching programs, I learnt about my own drivers/communication methods, and then started exploring the different personality types and communication methods of others.


These learnings gave me permission to see my roadblocks, and build valuable relationships with my clients which in turn spoke to their results. The only thing I regret is not reaching out to Dave earlier. He is with you every step of the way and you will surprise yourself with what you get out of a course like this when you apply yourself."

Melanie Kaye


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    Our L2: Functional Coach Course is the second module of the Alpha Theta Trainer-Coach pathway and dives deeper into the psychological and physiological models of coaching and leading. This course is designed to turn great trainers into world class communicators, coaches and leaders.
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