L3: Alpha-Theta Trainer Coach
22 Weeks

Our Level 3: Alpha Theta Trainer-Coach course is the third and final module of the Alpha Theta Trainer-Coach pathway (ATTC).


This program delves deep into the qualities and personal developments of what makes a world class coach and trainer. 


The third module of our ATTC pathway is designed to help you fully embody the learnings of the last 2 modules (L1 Functional Trainer, L2: Functional Coach) and move from knowing to truly embodying what it means to be a Trainer-Coach. 


This course is designed to ground all of the learnings into your being so that you are able to teach and influence in an effective and impactful way that is unique to you. 


The teachings within this course are comprised of leading research and information across multiple different bodies of knowledge including psychology, NLP, human movement and training and education. 


In this course, you will be challenged physically and mentally both in team environments and as an individual. This course is specifically designed to set you apart from the majority in the industry and help you fulfill your potential as a leader in your space.  



The course includes a 3 day coaches immersive onsite at Functional Fitness Australia, where you will be immersed and challenged in a real world environment


22 Weeks


Online & In-Person Events


July 2023

Key Learnings:

Your own personal development through learning to identify and let go of your cognitive drivers 

How to meet people where they are truly at and how to effectively lead them from there

How to be deeply connected with your own physiology and how to teach others to do the same

Understanding people develop through stages and how to communicate to each stage


How is the seminar delivered?


How is the course delivered?

This course is held over 22 weeks with both online and in-person events:

  • Online: 

4 x 1 Hour Coaching Lessons

11 x 90mins Online Lessons

  • In Person:

3 Day Immersion including in person live training assessment

+ Complete access to any Functional Fitness courses,

L1: Functional Trainer and L2: Functional Coach


Is it for you?


Working within the Fitness Industry or completion of L2: Functional Coaches Course


Reading (recommended):

Integral Psychology - Ken Wilber

Sex, Ecology, Spirituality - Ken Wilber

Getting People Right - Arne Maus

What Doesn't Kill Us - Scott Carney

The Oxygen Advantage - Patrick McKeown

The Body Keeps the Score - Bessel van der Kolk

Module Outline


This module will cover how to:

  • Identify cognitive intentions within self and others

  • Learn to communicate and lead individuals at different stages of their development

  • Develop full flexibility in teaching and coaching to teach to any individual regardless of learning patterns

  • Learn to ask impactful questions that lead the client to the answers within

  • Deepen your own kinaesthetic intelligence and understanding of human movement

  • Learn how to program and periodise functional movement


"After working in the health industry for 5 years, I was feeling overwhelmed, lost and unsatisfied. After taking the plunge to join the Alpha Theta coaching programs, I learnt about my own drivers/communication methods, and then started exploring the different personality types and communication methods of others.


These learnings gave me permission to see my roadblocks, and build valuable relationships with my clients which in turn spoke to their results. The only thing I regret is not reaching out to Dave earlier. He is with you every step of the way and you will surprise yourself with what you get out of a course like this when you apply yourself."

Melanie Kaye


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    Mitchell, 1a/67-71 Vicars St, Mitchell ACT 2911, Australia
    Our L2: Functional Coach Course is the second module of the Alpha Theta Trainer-Coach pathway and dives deeper into the psychological and physiological models of coaching and leading. This course is designed to turn great trainers into world class communicators, coaches and leaders.
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  • Fri, 23 Sept
    Functional Fitness Australia
    23 Sept, 1:00 pm AEST – 24 Sept, 5:30 pm AEST
    Functional Fitness Australia, 1a/67-71 Vicars St, Mitchell ACT 2911, Australia
    *Buy 1 get 1 FREE OFFER Until 16/9/2022 Our Level 1 Functional Trainer Course is 1.5 days packed with breathwork, physical training, cold exposure/ice baths, theory modules and much more.